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Estação de Soldar Aixun T420D (T245, T210 e T115)

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The standard configuration that you find in other Online Stores, includes the T245 handpiece and the T210.

Three (3) Handles and three (3) cartridge tips!

With a configuration like this, you can use only one soldering station for each type of electronic!

From larger welds, thanks to the handpiece and the 245 tips,
For small components, thanks to the handpiece and the 210 tips,
Up to the micro-electronics thanks to the handpiece and the 115 tips.

1x T245, Handle
1x 245 Cartridge Tips

1x T210 Handle
1x C210 Cartridge Tips

1x T115 Handle
1x Cartridge Tips

Dual-channel intelligent Soldering Station (works simultaneously)

Updated by connecting to the JC Aixun platform, the function of soldering station software could be upgraded infinitely

Support T245, T210, and T115 soldering pen-precision welding, high-speed heating, 2 seconds melting tin

AIXUN T420D soldering target and environment, intelligent power compensation and automatic protection.

4.8-inch colour display (Dual Channel)

100-450 ℃ temperature adjustable, with real-time dormancy induction (simultaneous dual-channel)

Support T245/T210/T115 handles automatic identification of model and working status

Personal habit temperature self-memory, three-channel temperature fast switching, knob adjustment

The host has a built-in environment temperature sensor to avoid high-temperature operation

Automatic record of working time, an automatic reminder of fatigue operation

Super anti-static isolation design, meet the industrial ESD standard

Connect to the Aixun platform to customize the personalized startup interface

Full configuration includes:

1 x Main Station JC Aixun T420D

2 x Complete handpiece support with tip cleaning sponge
2 x Cable hanger supports

1 x T245 Handle
1 x T210 Handle
1 x T115  Handle

1 x Cartridge Tips C245 K200
1 x Cartridge Tips C210 K030
1 x Cartridge Tips C115 K030

Please Note:
The soldering station automatically supports 3 different types of handpieces, T245-T210-T115 (two (2) at the same time) only if manufactured by JC Aixun